Keep the pandemic at bay, get help with specialised cleaning services in Qatarfacility management, facility management qatar

With COVID-19 making massive changes around the world, safety has become a key factor in our daily lives. The obvious question we ask ourselves would be regarding the hygiene and safety of a space, considering work and other activities.  At a juncture like this, high level to specialised cleaning services in Qatar is ideal for health care institutions and non-healthcare premises like offices, schools, restaurants, film theatres, and shopping complexes. Taking precautionary measures with advanced sanitization of workspaces and other premises can help in mitigating the novel coronavirus.

Why consider deep cleaning workplaces?

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread in Qatar, professionals have turned to disinfect and specialised cleaning services to ensure the well-being of their customers and tenants. Essential businesses, schools, restaurants, film theatres, shopping malls, and health care spaces have emphasized following the pandemic guidelines thereby increasing protection.  

From doorknobs to air ducts, measures are being taken to reduce risks of contamination. Workplaces that give meticulous attention to hygiene attract more customers, hence gaining more acceptance.

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How are specialised cleaning services done?

The spread of the virus is not just through airborne droplets, but also through surfaces that it contaminates. Highly ignored yet susceptible objects or areas which are likely to be in contact, pose the greatest threat for infection spread.  Even though hand sanitising and wearing personal protective equipment aid in personal protection, specialised cleaning services are being undertaken for commercial and educational spaces in Qatar to ensure maximum safety.

Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt and impurities, reducing the number but not fully eliminating the contaminants and reducing the risk whereas disinfecting kills the germ population by using chemicals. Disinfection does not necessarily clean surfaces, but it can further lower the risk of viral spread. Briefly, some methods in deep cleaning are described below. 

Planning is a critical step in executing specialised cleaning. Targeting the frequently used objects and commonly shared areas, using the right cleaning agents and monitoring the frequency of cleaning weigh more importance in such setups.  As an extra precautionary measure, consider providing disinfectant wipes to employees and making it available in shared spaces of workplaces. Getting professional help to sanitize commercial, healthcare and non-healthcare offices will help in maintaining a proper protocol and guarantee maximum protection. Employing a deep clean service may vary for different institutional setups. Hence, reaching out to a facility management firm like Al Sahab Group specialised in commercial and routine cleaning services in Qatar can help in deciding to choose what material is ideal for your space.

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Qatar being a center of the business boom, planning, and executing specialised cleaning services is a good strategy to maintain customer inflow. Adhering to proper hygiene, both personal and communal is important to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and community.

ASG – Quality that exceeds expectationsfacility management, facility management Qatar

One of the finest facility management services in Qatar, Al Sahab Group (ASG), has carved its own niche in the facility management arena. ASG believes in providing quality that exceeds expectations, which is quite evident by the work done by our meticulous staff and state-of-the-art equipment.


Trust ASG to provide the best facility management when it comes to cleaning of large commercial spaces, offices, apartments leaving them in pristine condition. Specialized cleaning services are also offered.

In addition to this, we provide office support and messenger services. Whether you need office assistants, messengers, handymen or a tea boy/girl, we have manpower to help you through your professional journey and timely achievement of all your office goals.

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We are a people business and what makes us, is our people ASG bags TOTAL fit-out contractfacility management, facility management Qatar

It is an honour for ASG to support TOTAL E&P Qatar on their new Fit-Out Project.

Over the next 6 weeks, ASG will be completing an ambitious fit-out project for TOTAL in their offices spanning an entire floor in Al Fardan Towers, West Bay, Doha.

In addition to this, we will also be undertaking the refurbishment of four other floors as part of this project.

ASG will be tapping into all of its expertise in construction services in the Qatar market to complete this project within the stipulated time frame. The fit-out work includes several aspects like supply, construction, installation, retrofitting, testing and correction of defects.

We look forward to completing this project successfully and taking up future work with this reputed company again in the near future.

Revisiting Festafacility management, facility management Qatar

Al Sahab Group is a facility management company in Qatar which believes in a sense of community- we are not merely employees but a giant family of people from different backgrounds.

Biannually, we celebrate our company’s achievements and our sense of belonging to a giant community of people with Festa! This year, however, we could not organise this event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn’t stop us from revisiting memories from previous get-togethers that we have had over the past 2 years.

Our last installment of Festa happened on 18th October last year and it is a Friday that everyone part of the ASG family eagerly looks forward to.

The best part of the event is that everything right from the location to decorations and entertainment are organised by us (who better than facility management and planning experts to do the job?)!

The evening begins with cutting of the ribbons to get the party started followed by a cake cutting. Staff performances like choreographed dances and music break the ice and get the laughs and smiles all around! As part of an inadvertent team-building session, we end up playing some fun games organised by the party planning team!

The formal evening closes with appreciation for the best employees and best performers from the dance, singing and games sessions. After this, the music starts playing for everyone to shake a leg on the dancefloor.

Everyone enjoys a hearty dinner before heading back home with memories of an evening well-spent in the company of their colleagues.

We eagerly await our next Festa celebrations, to celebrate in a responsible and safe manner!

The Importance of Facility Managementfacility management, facility management Qatar

In today’s world, facility management plays an all-encompassing and vital role in the smooth operations of their clients’ spaces to ensure maximum safety, comfort, function, efficiency and cleanliness.

Facility management services are seen all across the world.

Here in the Middle East, Al Sahab Group has earned itself the reputation of being the best facility management company in Qatar.

Why would you need facility management services?

It’s simple. Our main role can be explained in 4 points which best describes how we ease your processes.

1.Process Flow

Facility managers help you set up and ease into a process flow that best works for you and your company directed towards bringing a sense of order. This could be something as simple as setting-up facilities to take temperature checks at entry during COVID-19 or as big as ensuring that fire safety precautions are in place.

2.Personnel Support

Running a company is never a one-man job. As facility managers, it is our duty to provide trained and experienced personnel to assist you with your tasks. At Al Sahab Group, we provide personnel for routine and specialized cleaning and office support services too.

3.Facility Improvement & Maintenance

As facility managers, our role does not end with just making sure a building is in order. We have to ensure on and off-site management of your property, we must tend to your repair and maintenance queries, ensure cleaning of your workplace; basically, if it is part of your building, we look after it.

4. Technology Integration

One of the most recent and exciting developments in the realm of facility management is integrating technologies to create a smart workplace. Watch this space for more upcoming blogs on this application of facility management.

We provide services that range across disciplines and our duty is to make sure that their built environment operates at its optimal state. While many companies operate on two-pronged parallels looking after Hard Facilities Management and Soft Facilities Management, we do things slightly differently at Al Sahab Group.