Construction Services

Construction Services

ASG is emerging into the field of construction services to render complete construction-related activities operated by a team of professionals to understand the client and the project, goals, and dreams. Our experienced workforce ensures to deliver beyond expectation by understanding with attention to all minute details of clients from Concept to Creation. We contribute to budget and schedule by being commercially competitive which reduces the costs. Our supervision team is on-site monitoring work during the construction period to comply with specifications, resources, funds & plans. Our team ensures the provision of up-to-date status of the project, monthly progress reports which envisions the position of the work from the beginning till the end.

As an important part of the construction, ASG is offering a wide range of civil work services such as waterproofing, external painting, flooring, structural repairing, surface treatment and coating of structures for both new and existing buildings. Precise performance tailored perfectly to the exact specifications of our clients best describe ASG’s goal regarding construction services in Qatar.

Gypsum Wall Partitions

We provide excellent acoustic insulation that helps to restrict the movement of sound waves in between rooms. Gypsum also offers fire protection apart from being easy on the eye. We install all types of gypsum-based partition finishes that include veneers, wooden laminates, wallpaper, and paints. We offer specialized gypsum drywall partitions for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. We use moisture-resistant gypsum boards that offer increased flexibility and superior moisture resistance.

Raised Floor Installations

These modular elements act as aesthetic and functional floor coverings for indoor and outdoor spaces in buildings proving to be extremely practical. This is because raised floor installations leave a continuous void under the floor surface for technical systems’ routes. Thanks to its usage flexibility, easy and fast installation, and diverse range of coverings, it can also be applied in building renovations and can even be installed on top of existing floor coverings.

Glass Partition & Cladding Works

Frameless glass concepts function as modern interior and exterior design options in both commercial and residential projects using toughened glass and glass architectural hardware. Patch fittings need the best support from civil engineering both in the top and bottom.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipments

In our FF&E, we focus on sourcing, procuring, as well as manufacturing a wide range of contract furniture, equipment, and fixtures, which are custom made to fit all market segments. With our help, you can create a functional and sustainable interior environment which has work done using the best materials, workmanship, and technology. To do so, we manage the entire process, ensuring high quality which will be delivered on time. Our many years of experience in the industry enables us to source, procure, manufacture, and deliver all types of furniture, décor, fixtures, equipment, and woodworks.

Painting Works

We are your trusted resource for interior and exterior painting projects and home improvements in your residence or business locations. From picking paint colours to offering spectacular finishes, we help transform your space to an environment that is visually pleasing and functional.

Floor / Wall Finishes

Either interior finishing or exterior finishing like cladding, doors, windows, exterior trims, paint, and moldings are a few of the services Al Sahab Group offers. Interior finishing like ceilings, walls, flooring, and stairs along with choices for trim, molding and fixtures. We could also help you with exterior finishing including creating your sidewalks, patios, decks, parking areas and landscaping to complement your building.