Nursing Services

Nursing Services

With high-qualified nurses offering expert services, we offer special-organisation based services supporting homes, schools, companies, factories and private institutions. Our nurses deliver the best of care to patients ranging from newborn to elderly. Al Sahab Group’s bespoke services can cover you 24/7 as part of daily, weekly and monthly packages.

Occupational Health Care Services

Al Sahab Nursing Services understands the business environment, the cost of doing business, and fiscal responsibility. Our goal is to enhance the health and safety of our client workforce through the provision of a variety of work-related medical and counseling services. Al Sahab Occupational Health Services partners with businesses throughout the region to keep their employees healthy and productive. We understand that a healthy workforce is every organization's most important resource.

Al Sahab focuses on the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and resolution of health conditions caused by the workplace environment. Occupational therapists are thoroughly trained to assess the origin of illness or injury that a worker may face by taking past history, work conditions, and other factors into consideration. This ensures that injuries and illnesses are properly classified followed up with appropriate treatment to facilitate safe return to work.

Elderly Care

One of the most important aspects of caring for the elderly is understanding the types of care available. Our certified staff assists with activities of daily living, medication management, and skilled nursing care. We ensure the quality of life is maintained through our qualified Registered Nurses who provide compassionate care in the privacy and comfort of the home. Utmost care is guaranteed by our licensed nurses and qualified caregivers, offering peace of mind regarding the care of your loved ones resting in capable hands. Staff nurses are carefully screened to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.


Being a mother is priceless and pregnancy is the most significant period of a woman's life. Al Sahab Nursing Services provides comprehensive postnatal care in the comfort of our client homes providing support and guidance throughout the different stages of your pregnancy. All of the support and information needed to meet their babies' needs are ensured to face this new phase with confidence.

Our highly trained nurses provide personal care in the form of emotional and physical support for women during and after their pregnancy and thereby helping them to avoid pregnancy-related stress and health issues.

New Born Baby Care & Babysitting

We provide highly trained nurses to help mothers provide appropriate care for their newborns. Al Sahab Group’s licensed homecare nurses undergo clinical training so that every member possesses the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions to aid mothers look after their newborn babies. The most important thing as a new mother learning to look after her baby is to have consistent, high quality licensed maternity nurse support.